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Proper Mechanism for the Proper Watch Repair Now

The mechanism of operation of mechanical watches is a fairly stable design, which without breakage can work a fairly long period. Nevertheless, sometimes the system breaks down and you have to repair the mechanical watch. You can, of course, include them in the workshop, but in some situations it is cheaper and more expedient to carry out an independent repair of the clock.

The Mechanical Watches

In general, the repair of mechanical watches is divided into two types: small and general. Minor repairs provide for the restoration of the working mechanism without the need for its complete disassembly. Minor repair involves the following manipulations with the clock:

  • Replacement of glass;
  • replacement of the crown;
  • replacement or repair of the spring;
  • repair of the dial;
  • repair of the bracelet

As for the general repair of different watch brands (such as repairing Seiko watches, Omega watches, Oris watches, Tudor,…), it is carried out with complete disassembly of the watch mechanism. Also, mandatory procedures here are cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of the clockwork. General repair of mechanical watchesperform approximately once every five years. Before you start the general repair, you need to decide on the breakdown, find out the reason for stopping the clock, or figure out why the watch began to lag or rush. If you are located in Vancouver British Colombia, Check BC Watch Repair shop for their services.

The mechanisms

First of all, the mechanisms for the transfer of the arrows and the spring plant are subject to verification. Checking the winding mechanism is carried out by rotating the crown from itself. The spring must be started without the presence of foreign cracks, there should be no slippage. When the crown is released, the spring must not return to its original position. When the crown rotates toward itself, a distinctive sound should occur, but it should nevertheless be easy to turn.

  • Checking the mechanism of transferring the watch is to find out the presence of an easy or tight path in the mechanism. The hands should rotate with a little effort. Otherwise, there are problems in the mechanism of the translation of arrows. It is necessary to repair the mechanical clock. The next step in identifying a malfunction is checking the balance.

For the beginning the back cover is removed, as to repair a mechanical watching the closed state will be very problematic. Pay attention to the stones – they should be oil and there is no dirt. Identify, if any, traces of corrosion. It is necessary to find out whether the balance axis is generally in the state. In this case, you need to remove the balance bridge, and view with the lens the lower and upper pins. They should be shiny and smooth. The balance spiral must be of the correct shape – all the turns must be in the same plane and not touch each other. The contact of the turns with the rim or with each other leads to a hurry of the watch.